We are proud to announce that a new update is available on the App Store for the Simple Booth Event Edition app! Version 4.0.0 comes with a vast set of improvements to existing features, as well as a brand new feature we can’t wait to brag about. Settings are now easier than ever to configure, sharing was simplified to be even faster, and just wait until you hear about the new Galleries. We know you’ll love the new Event Edition just as much as we do, so let’s dig into the details!

Share Effortlessly

Our first set of updates affects sharing. Facebook and Twitter have been moved from the share screen to your online Gallery. You can leverage the powerful new improvements we made to Text Message and Email sending for guests to share faster and easier. In the olden days, a guest would have to stand at the booth and try to remember their username and password. Now it’s truly simple. They get a text or email to their phone and can share to their favorite social media instantly because they are logged in on their device with single sign-on. Email and Text Messaging can both be queued offline in case you don’t have internet access or your connection is slow.

Event Edition simple booth

Moving the sharing experience from social media directly to the guest overcomes the challenges of internet access and connectivity as well as remembering login info. Email and Text Messaging are reliable ways to guarantee that your photo booth guests will always get their photos during your event. They are also by far the easiest and fastest way to get photos straight to your phone. In addition, your guests will have access to your event-specific, real-time online Gallery to enjoy photos that other guests are taking!

Easier, Better Email

Because Text Messaging and Email are now the primary ways to get your photo at the booth, we decided to make some broad enhancements to the way Email works. Previously, we relied on your regular email provider to send emails. However, email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and others often limit the amount of email that can be sent in a single night. We didn’t want to take any chances with this restriction impacting our customer’s events, and so we developed a better solution. We created our own email server that lets you and your guests send unlimited emails through!

Old Email vs. New Email
Event Edition sharing
event edition email

Along with unlimited emails (no volume restrictions), you no longer need your own email address to set it up. So go ahead, take your events into the wee hours of the night – we’ve got your sharing needs covered! On top of that, we improved the interface of the email screen to be even easier. Now it will show a prompt for common email domains that make sharing faster, allowing more guests to use your photo booth.

Interactive Online Galleries

Online Galleries are a cool new way to show off your event while it’s happening and to enjoy it long after it’s over. Every photo or GIF taken from your photo booth will show up in the online Galleries in real time, allowing you and your guests to relive those memories again and again.

event edition gallery

When the event is over, you can share a entire Gallery to your event guests, or any individual photo or GIF you want to share. Not only can you share from Galleries, but your guests can too.

Event Edition Gallery

Setting up a custom hashtag for your gallery (Ex: #StacyAndJohnWedding) can help you earn more visibility as they share their photo or GIF across personal social media channels. This creates more opportunities to earn more views and extend your event experience beyond those who attended.

Event Edition Online Gallery

In the Halo app, Galleries come with more customizable options like individual photo privacy, logo uploads, colors and more.

Event Edition Enhances Your Live Event Experience

We worked hard on this release to make Event Edition more useful, easier to use, faster, and more exciting. Ever since Online Galleries were added to Halo earlier this year, they have been a very popular feature. Now anyone from your event will be able to savor memories of the night once it is over, and share photos with friends and family. Galleries bring even more visibility to your event, and allow you to relive them time and again.

We hope you enjoy the new Event Edition. We’re very proud of these updates, and can’t wait to see how you like them! Whether you love them or hate them, let us know. Feel free to leave a comment below after you’ve downloaded or updated from the App Store!

  1. Does your application works with green screen?
    I am looking to change the green background with an image… Can you do that?

    1. At this time Simple Booth does not offer any green screen capabilities. The green screen is a more advanced post-production technique for layering images together.

  2. I really like the new upgrade so no need for Live Booth anymore?
    The gallery is a wonderful addition

    1. LiveBooth was designed as a kiosk to share photo booth pictures to social media, and now sharing takes place in the Galleries so there’s no need to run a separate app. Essentially, your guests’ phones are transformed into the kiosk!

      1. This is super cool. I’m not great with Tech – can you direct me to the best video tutorial for this? I’m looking and finding things from like 2013… 😮

        1. Hi Serra! Unfortunately we haven’t had a chance to update our videos in a couple of years, so what you see on our YouTube and Vimeo pages are going to be the most recent video tutorials.

          While we’ve done a lot to update our apps since posting these videos, much of the information does still apply to the apps in their current versions. If you’d like some more information about our current versions, send us an email to support@simplebooth.com and we will send you some other types of materials that we have with more current details. Cheers!

  3. Hi, I just bought the event edition on my ipad. Is it possible to break up the photo booth process at my event so I can have someone taking the photos with my ipad and then have some other ipads that the guests can use to enter their email address? I’d like to keep taking photos of new guests and not have to stop the line each time for someone to enter their email after each photo. Thanks

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thank you for reaching out! All of our apps are designed to take your guests through the entire photo booth process from start to finish, and neither of them can be set up as a stand-alone sharing kiosk.

      One of our main goals with this update was to improve the flow at the booth. Now that guests are limited to sending via text or email, they’re not taking up as much time during their session as they would have in the past. Breaking up the process as you describe might be slightly faster, but we think the process is pretty quick, too!

  4. Hi, I see the latest version is very impressive, but is missing a very important feature for us: email handled by our servers.

    In the latest version we configured a “transactional email provider” so we can collect all email addresses and send emails from our own name. Now we can’t do it. Simple.

    Why do we need to use your server as a “mandatory option” and from where can we get all addresses used?
    If we are using your service to send out emails, at least we should have the email list and any way to configure the subject and email message.

    1. Hi Rafa,
      We used to allow both Event Edition and HALO users to customize the way their outbound email is sent, however getting this setup has proven to be difficult and frustrating for many of our customers.

      A majority of our Event Edition users use our app for personal use, or use for a smaller business, and smaller domains were frequently preventing emails from being sent properly. There’s nothing worse than being at an event where your guests aren’t receiving their photos, and we’re just hoping to eliminate some of those headaches by making less room for error. Using our server based email looks cleaner and more professional.

      We do realize that this update took away a workaround that some Event Edition customers were using to collect information and we apologize for that. Data capture is something that was only ever intended to be included on HALO, our professional app solution. When guests enter their information for data capture, they need to be aware that they’re sharing information with a third party, which is something that HALO is set up to do.

      We believe the benefits provided by using our server based email outweigh the drawbacks–the app looks much cleaner and more professional, and customers are running into fewer issues with email since the update. Fortunately, we do still allow you to customize the subject and body of the emails you send out, so you can tailor your message, add links to your website, and customize the message with HTML.

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