Simple Booth Event Edition

New Event Edition Update

We are proud to announce that a new update is available on the App Store for the Simple Booth Event Edition app! Version 4.0.0 comes with a vast set of improvements to existing features, as well as a brand new feature we can’t wait to brag about. Settings are now easier than ever to configure, sharing was simplified to be even faster, and just wait until you hear about the new Galleries. We know you’ll love the new Event Edition just […]

mark hennings simple booth

The Simple Booth Story

Every startup has defining moments that make it what it is. They shape the vision, products, culture and ultimate success of the venture. They are the big things that you either get really right or really wrong and change everything. Today we are launching our new blog because we want to share these important moments with you as they happen. Everything up until this point, however, has been wildly under-documented! It’s time we open up the vault and share with […]

old photo booth

Photo booth rentals, a thing of the past?

Chances are, if you’re reading this you’ve probably used a photo booth before. You might have used one at your best friend’s wedding, or at a business conference. You may have seen one in a nightclub downtown, or at the last music festival you rocked out. Today it’s easy to find them everywhere, but were they always this common? Photo Booths of the past As far as technology goes, we’ve come a long way since 1925 when the first modern […]